MAC–FIT Industries is a widely renowned name in manufacturing industry since it was established in the year 1982 and grown successfully to achieve new heights. We have a leading stock in various range of high tensile, stainless steel and high nickel grade industrial fasteners. With over four decades of experience we are able to meet our customers’ expectations and satisfactions to the fullest.

MAC–FIT Industries is serving customers nationally and globally. Every step wherever required has been taken by us to led our company into the new era of technology as per increasing and specific technical demands of the customers, which has been kept growing since its inception.

MAC–FIT Industries has qualified experienced engineers and skilled work force to take care of every minor points of quality and productions. Our in house facilities of production, coating and processing includes Cold Forging, Hot Forging, Press Work, Wire Forming, CNC machining, Tools And Molds, Heat treatment, Hot Dip Galvanizing, Electroplating, PTFE coating etc.

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What does Mac-Fit Industries Offer?

We specialize in made to order Anchor bolts (Foundation bolts), Refractory Anchors, Stainless steel fasteners products like hex bolt, screws, studs, anchor bolts, washers etc. In special raw material grades like Hast Alloy B,C 276, Alloy 20, Durimet, Inconel, Monel, Duplex etc. with wide range of products. We have been successful in catering to diverse industrial segments which includes Cement, Steel, Chemical, Petrochemical, and Pharmaceuticals, etc. We keep sharp eyes on quality and grade of raw material till the stage when the product is prepared and ready for dispatch. We at MAC–FIT Industries have developed a habit of providing test certificates along with the supply of our material.


Who Are We?

We are global manufacturers, suppliers and traders of industrial fasteners. Our company providing value-added services that comprehensively handle the project needs of our customers. Mac-Fit Industries provides the right solution at the right time with right price to our beloved customers without compromising on quality and corresponding services.


Why Mac-Fit Industries?

At Mac-Fit, we see every customer in the same way – We customize what we do to fit your needs, not the other way around!

Our customers are the most Important for us and we are always there for them. Here are few reasons why our clients believe in us and why you should choose Mac-Fit for any industrial fasteners:

  • We have a great team of mechanical specialists who know the fastener products inside and out.
  • Our fasteners are high quality products with economical prices.
  • All the products are tested for reliability.
  • We do the fastest shipping anywhere in India and abroad, free in Qatar.
  • Committed to giving you the best customer service experience in the industry.

We are Specialized in Make to Order Fasteners as per Your Drawing and Samples

Custom Anchor Fasteners

Custom Nuts and Bolts

Custom Refractory Anchors

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We are here to help you with your requirements!