Different Types of Industrial Coatings Globally | Major Fastener Coatings & Finishes

Different types of industrial coatings

Depending upon the requirement for industrial fasteners, there are several types of fastener coatings available today. In this article, we’ll cover few major important fastener coatings and finishes in detail that are widely used in several industries across the globe in today’s era. Mechanical Galvanizing In this process, the fasteners are placed in a big […]

Anchor Bolt Types and Foundation Bolts Used in The Construction Industry

Anchor bolt types and foundation bolts used in construction industry

Today’s construction industry is getting advanced day by day using the latest technology and techniques to construct unique buildings by utilizing various anchor bolt types. These are not only beautiful in design and growing taller than the tallest structures but they are also constructed in such a way that they can endure extreme weather conditions. […]